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How visual graphics play an important role in building your brand?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

When we get attracted to something there is lot going on inside our brain, a lot of sensory organs working together to create an impact. The element that grabs our attention right in the beginning are the visual elements – colors, patterns, shapes, texture, pictures, white space and a lot of other things.

So let’s see how visual graphics or designs give your business a competitive advantage in the market where there are a lot of other players competing their way to the top. We have already mentioned how visuals elements are the first ones to create an impact on us, which proves that visual graphics are the first touch points of the brand with your customer and clients. As it is the first piece of information our brain is processing. Fun Fact our brain processes visual information 60,000x times faster than text which now very prominently makes it one of the most important elements for your brand.

So imagine, you have a great idea, a great service but if you don’t have great designs how will you convey your message to your target audience? The designs that you make for your brand literally represents your business, it catches the attention of your audience while building trust and recognition for your brand. Most importantly it sets the mood or what we also refer to as the tone of the brand with the help of the 3 basic elements

1. Color Palette,

2. Pictures,

3. Typography.

These elements come together to build the character of the brand, establishing the credibility and connections with your clients and customers.

Then you can obviously keep adding more elements to your design as per your need and preference, because the better the design, the more eye balls it will catch. But what we need to keep in mind as a top priority while making a design is to make sure that all the elements that we include in our design needs to complement each other well and should be in a cohesive system.


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