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Top Indian Digital illustrators to follow on instagram

We live in a world that is full of exciting things but we tend to miss out on them due to our fast-paced life. Looking at the simplest things from a different perspective can create something absolutely priceless. Be it our daily commute or just a quiet Sunday morning, you can always find something fascinating/ worth your attention

So here is a list of 10 amazing graphic illustrators on Instagram who give us the window to experience this beautiful world from their point of view.

1. Vimal Chandran (@vimalchandran)

He is a self-taught artist with a flawless flair for creativity, his work is often a perfect concoction of urban art, illustrations, installations, graphic design and photography. Coming from the Gods Own Country, Kerala. Vimal is a degree holder in Information Technology, he has kept his analytic mind active with his technical expertise but at the same time, has always been fascinated by the scintillating world of art. Vimal reaches out to his followers through social media and his illustrations and paintings are popular among art enthusiasts across the world. His exhibitions have always pulled people in huge numbers by just the way he expresses feeling and emotions through his artwork so simply.

2. Aaron Pinto (@kidsquidy)

The senior designer for MTV India, Aaron Pinto is a multi-talented young guy, commonly known as Kidsquidy. He not only acts as a graphic designer and an illustrator, but he also plays drums for two Mumbai-based metal bands, Providence and Gut slit.

Being a true lover of music and an ever-ready challenge acceptor, he works with different bands helping them recreate visions to go hand-in-hand with the type of music they make, he grabs his opportunities well and designs the brand merchandise for the bands and their album artwork as well.

3. Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza)

She has been exposed to many different cultures, and is a freelance illustrative designer residing in Bangalore. Loving to draw and never stopping, Alicia successfully and very easily transformed her passion for art into her profession of illustration and comic art. Her work has appeared internationally in children’s books, magazines and news-papers. After having worked for many different brands of reputed honor like Google, Yahoo, Tanishq, and The Times of India to name a few, Alicia moved on to set up her successful quirky business venture to create a happy business that makes you smile wide! Celebrates small and big wins of everyday life, spotlighting relatable issues and situations in her works.

4. Aditi Dash (@dotsndash)

She is a Mumbai based artist. Her creative world covers visual art and illustrator. She commissioned with ELLE India to create Alice in Wonderland in an Indian context. The way she plays with color and textures makes her work magical. Apart from doing illustrations, she has also done some amazing branding projects. Head on to her page to look at some of her great design works.

5. Akshara Ashok (@happyfluffcomics) -

She is a well-known comic creator who is famous for her Happy Fluff Comics. She started making these cute comics that was inspired from the various events in her daily life, to cope up with the monotony of her college life. What started as a hobby, has now gained attention from all across the country and has been loved by all. Her comics mostly revolve around every day struggles a girl faces. They're relatable, humorous and along with that they also shatter a lot of taboos.

6. Lavanya Naidu (@lavanyanaidu)

A graduate of the National Institute of Design, Lavanya Naidu is an illustrator and animator. She has had the opportunity to showcase her talent and contribute her work by being a part of the designing team at Google, Ted X, and as well as Cartoon Network. She is optimistic about almost everything in her life, and she doesn’t fail to portray the same her artwork as well. She wishes to spread positive energy and induce happiness through work. She believes in taking up the work one is passionate about and allows for a persons’ growth, both professional and personal.

7. Chaitanya limaye (@artofchai)

He is an illustrator, animator, and visual storyteller. He brings out the most intricate emotions to life through his artwork. As an animator, he has worked on the VFX-Oscar winning 'The Jungle Book' and other Animated, VFX films and animated TV shows while working at studios like DreamWorks Animation India, MPC Film, and Prana.

He has also tried his hands at illustrating book covers and his illustrations have been published in national publications and media like the Times of India and Deccan Herald. He thoroughly enjoys illustrating in different styles, in a way that suits the material.

8. Amby Vaingankar (@gotta_sketchum_all)

She is a digital illustrator from Rajasthan and brings out the humor in her comics. She very honestly sketches out all the little drama and dilemma that we ladies tackle within our day to day life. No matter what happens to the heroine of her stories, she always holds her head up high and inspires us to do the same.

9. Jayesh Joshi (@jaymanshere)

He is an exceptional artist from Bangalore. His art covers all the sensitive topics like sexuality, masculinity, religion and the human body. All his inspirations come from simple topic having a powerful nature. He expresses his art both on paper and pixels. His art has a vibe of his self-thoughts, imagination.

10. Anjali Mehta (@anjalimehta92)

She showcases self-love, modern living and feminism through her vibrant sketches. She gets her inspirations from her own personal experiences and emotions but at the same time portrays them in such a way that ultimately it make you relate to it. Anjali Mehta believes that her audience should feel connected with her work through their own set of emotions and experiences, Her feed welcomes you to a world of single women reading happily on their couches, same-sex couples going about their relationships, and savage critiques of modern-day technology.


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