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Why outsourcing design team is an attractive choice for startups nowadays?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Are you an entrepreneur, aspiring to open your own start up? We all, once in our life think of starting something of our own, we love to think about the perks it has but what we tend to overlook are the difficulties that comes along with it. A start-up has various stages in its entire process and all these stages have different set of difficulties,. There are many things to focus on at once.


You have to be jack of all trades as a founder. You have to take care of product development, be responsible for your team, manage accounts and operations, and of course manage design and marketing department. One thing that can make your life easy is Outsourcing. You can't outsource product development or your core team but you can always hire professional designers to do your work as we all know how important is visual appeal nowadays.

Outsourcing your design team solves atleast some of your headache. If you are not from design background it's difficult to make a compelling brand identity for your start up. Either you have to spend a lot of money on freelancers or you will hire fresh design graduates, which won't solve the purpose because of lack of experience.

That's where outsourcing comes in handy. you can set number of creatives you need, get design and brandng consultation on just a retainer which is even less than salary of 3-4 employees.

Hiring a permanent employee consumes a lot of resources and time - like training, salary, skill development. But on the other hand the kind of professional skills we require in a person cannot be found so easily as the best talent doesn’t always get attracted to working a full time job at a start-up. But by employing a remote team, who would sit in another location and build your product as per your requirements. In such situations Virtual teamwork proves to be the boon that the digital ecosystem has blessed entrepreneurs with and they should make the best use of it to build their product. This has another advantage that you are free from any kind of commitment; you can simply get one of your projects done from these employees and re-hire them for another project only if you liked the previous work. This procedure is a win-win situation for both the employer (entrepreneur) and the employee as it reduces stress for both the parties. Outsourcing your work leads to a lot of collaboration and freelancing work, as a result your contacts data increase.

As many advantages as outsourcing have, we also need to keep in mind the flip side of the coin and those are the disadvantages. You might face slight difficulties while hiring these outsourced teams, it can take several rounds of face to face interviews and meetings. Once you have hired a team you need to provide them with the required information so that you have more suitable outcomes, but this could lead to some privacy issues as well. The final issue that you might face in the process of outsourcing is communication gap, it could be a cultural gap or a language barrier that might forbid you from conveying your ideas effectively.

At the end you should always remember that everything that comes our way has its own set of advantages and disadvantages therefore, before taking a major step try to assess how all the factors are going to affect your decision. You can always contact Cultor studio for free consultation. Read more about their services here


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