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Brand Audit

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What is a brand audit?

A Brand Audit will help founders understand how their brand is positioned in the market. It would also assist them in getting a deeper sense of their brand’s strengths and weaknesses. The Right Brand Audit would also help the brand understand about the measures that it could take to strengthen its presence. 

What all is included in a Brand Audit?

Domain overview & analysis

A holistic knowledge about the domain and information on its competitiveness, and SEO metrics would be provided. The brand would be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their website and their digital marketing strategies.

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Brand identity analysis

A Brand Identity is defined by the visual elements of a brand, such as the color, design, and logo, to name a few. The Brand Identity Analysis helps in building a strong brand narrative that would be integral in building the perfect and most lucrative brand strategy.


Digital presence overview

Digital Presence is how a brand appears on the internet. Hence, through a digital presence overview audit, we would provide a strategy and insights on improving the brand’s digital marketing strategies on various channels and align the presence with the brand’s core identities. 

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