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The Only 3 Tips You Need To Hack Festival Marketing This Season

Festivals are around the corner, and every brand is looking to amp up its strategies to get thundering sales this season. From exclusive discounts to exciting campaigns, festivals really bring out a brand’s best game.

Remember when we used to head to the markets for festival shopping, and see exuberant and colourful hoardings declaring a discount sale on the shops? Those were simpler times when we had to take an entire day from our schedules and dedicate it to shopping.

But The times have changed now, and in this 21st-century technology-driven world, you dont go to the shops, the shops come to you.

Thanks to the evolving e-commerce world, now every single product is just a click away. Whether you need festival decoratives or attires to glam you up, everything will reach your doorstep without hassles.

With so many brands and markets betting on this festival season, it's important for an e-commerce brand to identify the right marketing strategy for themselves to not just build revenue but also create an aura of their presence during the festivities.

So, to help you do this, these are some tips that we have cracked on our journey to festival marketing. Check them out.

  • Get Your Website and Socials Festive Ready

Whether it be Diwali, Pongal, or Christmas, embellish your website and socials with the ornamentation of the festival. All you need to do is, renew your inventory, build festival-related digital campaigns, and design your banners with the themes of the festivals. You can also have landing pages to promote special occasions, and campaigns. For socials, it is important to let people know about your festival campaigns with intriguing and interactive posts, it is also important to change the bio, and also give a hint of the festival to your Display picture.

  • Email Marketing is the key to celebrations

You know, how it's said, right? All you need to do is land in their inbox. With a spot-on email marketing campaign ready for the festivals, you can reach your customers directly. However, email marketing might not look like an efficient plan since all the brands and eCommerce platforms will be sending messages, but you can stand out by ensuring a customized email for your customer. A customized or personalized voucher, coupon, or just a reminder to come shop, can prompt the customer to at least come once and check out your shop.

  • Amplify Your Festive Celebrations on Social Media

Your social media is how you can connect to your customer on a one-on-one basis, so it's the best way to let your audience know about your festival plans, and try to influence theirs. With interesting contests, exciting content, and creative campaigns, you can amplify your voice on social media and make sure that they remember you for their festival indulgences.


With a kick to your strategy with these rocking tips, your customers will definitely pay a visit to your shop this festive season. Create festival-related content, build festive-related aesthetics for your website and socials, develop a kickass email marketing strategy, and rejoice in the celebrations.


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