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4 Reasons Why A Compelling Story Can Boost Your Brand

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Apple? The gorgeous display of their products? The “I have to sell my kidneys to afford an iPhone '' memes? To me, it is the infamous story of how Steve Jobs started a now billion-dollar multinational company in a tiny garage. Apple’s aspirational story resonated with many, and for good reason. When you tell a story that embodies human challenges, you create an experience that resonates with your customers.

We humans are wired to narrate and listen to stories. It has always been a form of communicating, of capturing people’s attention, and of forging deeper relations. So, the value of stories and storytelling shouldn’t come off as a surprise to brands either, right?

Brand stories are no different and are one of the most powerful ways to breathe life into a brand. It’s about authenticating the brand’s values and expressing the purpose of the brand in the form of a well-crafted narrative.

To this effect, we have curated 4 reasons why creating a story for your brand is integral:

  1. Stories lead to a deeper connection with the consumers - It is important for people to know what the brand’s key messaging is, where they are coming from, and their core values. This way, the audience will remember your brand and associate your products and services with the values that you reflect.

  2. Consumers feel like they are a part of the brand’s community - A brand story that people can identify with fosters feelings of trust and loyalty. People seek out brands that mirror and align with their own values. This results in the building of a community with long-term loyalty from the customers.

  3. Good word of mouth and recommendations - Stories can have lasting effects that lead to conversations and hence, greater engagement with the target audience. However, these stories shouldn’t be preachy and boring, but in fact, brimming with personality and must communicate reliability.

  4. Sets you apart from key competitors who are selling the same product - We see so many different brands selling the same product or service, so much so, that it’s tough to weed out the best ones that suit our requirements. In a market so vast, a unique story and a captivating voice are the only things that create an everlasting mark in the industry. It gives the consumers a more personal reason about why they should consider buying your brand’s service/product.

Story Of Vciti - A Real Estate Development Brand

We have the perfect way to round this up. With a story of course! Recently, We tied up with a real estate development brand to help them create a unique brand story for themselves, as well as a captivating social media presence. And we targeted the same values that we as humans resonate with when we dream of buying a property or a house. An excerpt from the brand story will show you how we built trust with the brand’s consumers by targeting the emotional aspect of purchasing a dream house:

“They say home is where the heart is, and the heart lies where there’s comfort and security. Working around this very ethos, our core philosophy is to satisfy the varied needs of our clients with effective communication and transparency. Built with you, and for you, we are committed to ensuring that our clients get the best of the world-class expert services when they’re looking for a new abode or a place of their dream, or both.

Vciti provides a multitude of amenities and expertise from capital funding and smart assets to luxury residential and commercial home collections. All under one roof. We care, hence we are there.”

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